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August 1 - 18, 2019


We’ve made a few significant, but subtle changes since the last go-around. Nothing too crazy–we just realized that Pianos In the Parks presented a rare opportunity to empower neighborhood CAMARADERIE, while strengthen civic pride in the communities that serve as piano destinations.

To accomplish this One Reel recruited invested partners from each community to serve as “hosts” – each as unique as the neighborhood they represent. From arts groups to chambers of commerce to Scout Troop #41025, Pianos in the Parks transformed from a city-wide event to a cooperative platform for communities to show their civic pride.


DESPITE THE STRUCTURAL CHANGES, PIANOS IN THE PARKS hasn’t verved from our original intent.

Pianos in the parks remains a public art and MUSIC event series that invites COMMUNITY engagement.

Whether you are a piano player, a music lover or an arts enthusiast, Pianos in the parks delivers a rare opportunity to travel to 13 diverse SEATTLE & EASTside destinations during the height of summer.

There’s no better time to take a break and have some fun.


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If your mission is to play pianos in beautiful settings, look no further.

You’ll find plenty.

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Support Local Artists

Each piano is painted and decorated by a local artist from each of the neighborhoods involved, creating a truly localized event that connects each of the pianos to the communities around them.


Attend Free Performances

Throughout the month, we have a packed schedule of special events and performances taking place all over King County! Take advantage of Seattle summer by relaxing at a park while enjoying the tunes of a local musician playing on a painted piano.


Discover Your Community

Plot out your route to visit each piano and to explore the nearby neighborhood surrounding it. We’ve got the hot tips on the best places to eat, drink, and shop, and discover. Pianos in the Parks is the perfect opportunity for residents and visitors to really learn about the individual communities that make up this amazing city.

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find a piano & play

Capitol Hill

Volunteer Park

Play Your Part

Central District

Jimi Hendrix Park

Friends of Jimi Hendrix Park


Phinney Park

Phinney Neighborhood Association


Dahl Playfield

Scout Troop 41025

International District

Hing Hay Park

Interim City Dev. Association


Seattle Center

The Vera Project


Ella Bailey Park

Magnolia Chamber of Commerce

University District

U Heights Plaza

U Heights Center & U District Partnership

West Seattle

Junction Plaza Park

West Seattle Community Orchestras


The Courtyard

at Soma Towers

Su Development


The Commons

Promenade at Microsoft Campus





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Click on each organization’s logo to learn more about them.