2019 Artists


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Delton Mosby

piano location: Jimi Hendrix Park (Central District)

Delton is a Seattle-based painter for social equity. His works challenge systems of oppression that effect marginalized communities. Delton currently works as a Teaching Artist, advocate, Clinical Social Worker, and Mental Health Professional. He is also a poet, and musician. As a long-time Seattle resident, Delton’s works provide an accurate narrative related to a fraction of Central Seattle’s chronological story.

During 2012, Delton completed the Master of Social Work program at University of Washington. Although he is not a formally trained painter, he has a lengthy list of artistic influences. His respect with the Harlem Renaissance era has driven his approach to art.

Through his work, Delton aims to provide space for healing, self-empowerment, and happiness.


Sandy Nelson

piano location: Phinney Park (Phinney-Greenwood)

Sandy Nelson is a visual artist and graphic designer living in Seattle, Washington. Following college in Chicago, Sandy spent three years as artist-in-residence at Holden Village, a retreat center in the mountains of Washington state. From there, she moved to Seattle where she worked as a senior graphic designer and illustrator in the global creative group at Starbucks Coffee Company for 14 years. She now is a freelance graphic designer and artist.

While she has been a painter primarily, she has recently started a new series of artwork, producing hand-pulled silkscreen prints. Each piece is comprised of several layers, each color being printed one at a time. The images are created using masks: either hand-cut stencils or painted directly on the screen with a brush and masking fluid. The ink is then pulled across the screen to create one layer of the print at a time. There’s a freshness inherent in the flat shapes and bold colors. She recently completed a nine-month artist residency with Brehm Cascadia Artist Residency in Seattle.


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Marcus Giannangelo

Piano Location: Volunteer Park (Capitol Hill)

Having been born somewhere over there, Marcus showed up in Seattle one day with grand plans to do something. Once that something was done, our hero decided to focus on the visual arts by painting with acrylics and oils.

Marcus was once overheard saying “I really enjoy making paintings that are eye catching and interesting to look at, and which are of subjects that are atypical for oil paintings.”


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Devon Hale

Piano Location: Occidental Square (Pioneer Square)

Devon Midori Hale is a visual artist from Seattle, Washington. Her work explores civic, racial, and personal identity through the lens of intergenerational experience. Looking at the persistence of history in our present moment, she combines symbols of immortality and the past with quotidian places and objects. In addition to painting solo in a studio, her practice often extends to working on community-based artworks that often include interdisciplinary collaboration. Often these projects draw imagery from within the psyche, allowing bits and pieces of objects, places, and memories to shape an abstract narrative.

This Piano was created in partnership with Path with Art (an arts-based organization that "transforms lives of people recovering from homelessness, addiction, and other trauma by harnessing the power of creative engagement as a bridge to community and a path to stability”). The artwork is a collaboration between lead artist, Devon Midori Hale, and seasoned Path with Art alumni artists Melodie Clarke, Michael Henning, and Bean Fairbanks. The artists aim to capture the heart of what Path with Art community means to them and to the city, using abstract shapes to trace out spaces for individual expression that connect into a colorful, asymmetrical, and freely-expressive whole.


Michael O'Driscoll

piano location: Dahl PLayfield (Ravenna-Wedgewood)

Michael was born in Richmond VA. He grew up in DC amid an art and music explosion that was the 1980s. He played music, DJed at the 9:30 club, and obsessively painted everything he could.

He moved to Seattle after a few years of travel in 1996, upon recommendations from a few DC musicians who moved here before him. He immediately started painting murals in recording studios, music venues, and wherever he could find a wall. Combining visual art with music is Michael’s main passion whether it’s a mural in a performance space, album art, posters for shows, or composing live scores for classic silent movies in the park...and now a piano! Dreams do come true.



Danthanh Trinh

piano location: Hing Hay Park (International District)

Danthanh Trinh is a Vietnamese person who uses art to defy ghosthood in America. She is moved to create when thinking about femininity, biology, being part of the Vietnamese diaspora, and how capitalism destroys everything good.

She is constantly inspired by the resiliency of working class people of color and nature, and the creativity and intelligence of children. She was raised by refugee parents Hai Trinh and Ngocmy Nguyen whose bountiful love have helped her to be creative. She grew up in Connecticut. By day, she is a children's advocate.


Lynn Debeal 1.png

Lynn Armede DeBeal

piano location: Lake City Mini Park (Lake City)

My art is inspired by the frescos, stained glass, marble and iron sculptures, fountains and architecture I saw as a child while living and traveling in Europe.  At home was our Haitian, African, African American, Japanese Fine Art.  The Americana, and European Fine Art.  My family's extensive art collection. Charles James White, Elizabeth Catlett, Peter Max. 

All of the Fillmore West, & Winterland, concert & club scene posters,  Rock & Funk album covers.  17th & 18th century folklore illustrations.  Art Deco, & Maxfield Parrish.  On the flip side, Charles Adams, Dori Sader, R. Crumb, Graham Wilson, National Lampoon cartoons. The black & white political art in the Berkeley Barb, Santa Cruz, & Black Panther Party newspapers, Lyle Tuttle tattoos. The 1960s & 70s Art of my teen years in the S.F. Bay Area.

My love of pastels, fiber arts, color pencils,  crayons and digital art mediums have allowed me to share the world as I see it. Art has been my sanity, sanctuary, and now, my voice.



Marcus Jackson

piano location: Seattle Center (Uptown)

Marcus Jackson is a 19-year-old artist born and raised in Washington. He has had a passion for the visual arts since he was old enough to grasp a pencil and put it to paper. His current mixed media abstract style emerged during his sophomore year of high school after his art teacher introduced a fluid painting unit. The abstract painting unit was without a doubt his favorite unit. After the unit ended, he continued to experiment with painting and abstract art outside of the classroom.

His main focus became abstract painting because he appreciates the complexity and emotion that can be a part of something you cannot easily describe. Jackson’s work finds the intersection and connection between the structured and the unstructured, the abstract and the concrete, the chaotic and the controlled. His work consists of vibrant color with black lines, nature with abstract backgrounds, and experimental mixtures of conventional or unorthodox mediums. His work symbolizes the fantasy of a chaotic world being structured and controlled.

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Morgan Marzulli

piano location: Ella Bailey Park (Magnolia)

Morgan Marzulli is a textile artist originally from Philadelphia, now residing in Seattle. While earning her BFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design, she discovered the possibilities of textile and fiber design. Morgan’s passion for material and process exploration, combined with detailed handwork, has served as the major inspiration for her art. It is through the combination of stitch, fabric, and hue that she is able to create complex, intricate, and attention grabbing pieces, which focus on unpredictability. The hope for her work is to inspire a greater sense of mystery and possibility in our experience of the world, as well as to create a visual dialogue to further explore these ideas.


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Kendra Azari


Kendra is a Seattle born artist, mother, art educator and life student. She has a background in printmaking, ceramic art and painting. Art is one of her greatest joys in life and she work hard to have it be a part of my everyday life. Along with a her love of the arts, I have a passion for social justice and working with the homeless community.

After working in social services with the homeless communities of Seattle for several years, she decided to quit my job and take the next step towards my destiny. She went back to school to finish my BA degree and to pursue my dream of creating art as my career. She enjoys bringing people together to create beauty and inspire my fellow artists to keep creating. 

Art is a driving force in Kendra’s life and she strives to live in a world filled with creativity, beauty and expression. She believes that art takes us on a healing journey to guide us to our destiny. In her eyes, creating art is an opportunity to engage with people on a different level and make people think. Her artwork is meant to inspire people, make people think, and of course bring joy. Her vision is to engage the community with painting by encouraging others to embrace their inner artist and reach for their individual goals.



Mindi Katzman

piano location: Junction plaza Park (West Seattle)

Mindi Katzman has been a practicing artist since the early 1980’s. Her work has been shown locally and nationally and is in many private and corporate collections.

For the last 20 years she has focussed mostly on 2-D encaustic paintings. About 15 years ago she started incorporating smaller welded metal pieces, also painted with encaustics, into her practice, and in the past few years has been making large, whimsical, outdoor sculptures as well. Her work is about light, color, and delight.

Mindi’s work can currently be seen at the Northwest Encaustic Workshop in West Seattle, July through August, and ongoing at Fogue Studios and Gallery in Georgetown.



Dylan Keene

Piano Location: Soma Towers (Bellevue)

Dylan was born and raised in the greater Eastside of Seattle Washington. He pursues his passion to promote peace and love through the creation of the arts. Currently he owns a house painting business with the goal of becoming a full time muralist. He’s honored for this privilege of painting for Pianos in the Parks. Peace and Love!


zoee xiao.jpg

Zoee Xiao

piano location: The Commons, Promenade at microsoft campus (Redmond)

Zoee is a watercolor painter, currently based in Bellevue. Art and nature is an important part for her life since a young age. She grew up in a beautiful town in Southern China and trained under a Chinese traditional painter at a young age. After growing up, she moved to United States to study animation in University of Pennsylvania, and then moved to Seattle after graduation. Her memory of misty but sometimes sunny scenes of hometown resonates with Pacific Northwest quite well. This conscious or subconscious link moved her to incorporate East Asian ink wash style into whatever scenery she is painting at the moment and also into western watercolor painting style.

When she paints, she likes to focus on capturing light and mood, and also has a big affection on interesting curves in the scene. She is also very drawn to vibrant colors in nature, and fascinated by different color palette and personality each season has. As a software engineer and an artist at the same time, she understands how art’s therapeutic power can help current hyper-busy working class with their daily stress and troubles in life, and she would love to contribute her effort to that cause through her art.